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PA Certified Horticulturalist - Professionals Who Make a Difference
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“Tailored to fit both your lifestyle and your budget,
ourtalented staff will create an oasis that will serve
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Questions to ensure you are choosing the right Landscape Contractor for your property:

1) What is your design experience and qualifications?
It is important to know that your contractor has the knowledge and experience to choose the right plants for your property. Remember that just because it looks good on paper and the day it goes in doesn’t mean it will look good in 10 years. Our designers, Jeremy and Jason proudly maintain their PCH certification. PCH’s have distinguished themselves by successfully completing a comprehensive study program and examination which tests their skill and knowledge of landscaping, plant maintenance, and biology. A certified horticulturalist is dedicated to enhancing their skills to help give you the results you want and deserve. Currently, Jeremy and Jason are 2 of only 3 people in the surrounding area with this certification.

2) Can you give me a list of Referrals?
What better way to discover a contractor’s reputation than to ask his previous clients. We will gladly direct you to several of our satisfied customers. We treasure our friendships with our clients and consider their referrals our greatest achievement. (Back to Top)

3) Philosophy of Business?
We operate knowing that teamwork is the backbone of our efficiency and our success. We also believe in maintaining high values, both ethically and morally in all that we do.

4) What kind of warranty’s do you offer on plants and hardscapes?

We strive to provide you with highest grade plant material. All plants are guaranteed to be disease and insect free. Our stock is locally grown and raised so that it is already acclimated to the local climate. In addition, all of our plant material comes with a 1-Year warranty from the day it is installed. All hardscape projects(Walls, Steps, Walks, Patios) possess a 1-year guarantee for frost movement and a manufacturers lifetime guarantee for damage.

5) Does your company have Workman’s Compensation and Insurance?

Hiring a company without either puts you the client at risk if an employee of the company gets hurt on the job. B.C Landscaping is fully equipped with all the essential legalities to ensure the safety and protection of both our employees and clients. (Back to Top)

6) What is your Integrated Pest Management strategy?
When a pest or disease problem occurs, what is the preferred method of control. B. C Landscaping believes in first consulting with the client, informing them of the problem and concurring upon a safe and practical plan to resolve the situation. We take time to properly diagnose the exact pest, then determine the threshold in which the pest becomes a danger to the health of the host plant. If the threshold is crossed, we composite the best management practices which are often a combination of mechanical, biological, and chemical methods to control it. Before action, all procedures are documented clearly to the client to ensure they are in accordance with the control strategy.

7) Are you certified to install pavers and segmented walls?
Our company maintains elite status as Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) certified contractors. ICPI certification requires passing an extensive exam covering technical knowledge and the proper procedures for installing all types of hardscape materials. In addition, we participate in continual education to ensure we are on the cutting edge of installation techniques. Currently we are the only contractors in the surrounding area with this certification.

8) What follow-up services do you provide?
Upon completion of the project, we will have Maintenance Care Instructions available to you. This will include valuable information on how to properly care for your investment. We will give you instructions on how to water your newly planted trees and shrubs, how and when to prune them, how to care for your yard, and much more.

As with all of our clients, we will also be sending you a copy of our yearly Newsletter called “Blooming Bits." It is a symbol of our appreciation for your support. It is fun-filled, informative and a joy to browse through. Also included in it are opportunities for you to win gift certificates and discounts for our services.
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